I Feel Myself




Well well… when we saw her for the first time, we have to say it, we thought she was higher that she is, but it doesn’t matter, not at all, she came with a really nice green dress, we talk a little and then she took her clothes off and took a shower because it was a summer day in July, she was a little bit sweaty :-).

The best thing of working with Lucy Li is her amazing body, she has those amazing big boobs that make you crazy. We just could have made a video only recording the moment when she is trying the outfits, that was heaven.
If it does not enough, she is also really funny and smart, you can see it immediately.

When everything was decided, we start with the video, there you can see that she is a professional erotic model, she controls the camera, she controls the scene, and she gives you always the best from her. When the video was finished we make some photos. Then we drink some champagne and talk, and there was when we saw that she is not perfect, yes! she is not, she is married and we could not understand how such a beautiful girl is married, a girl with all the possibilities in the world who can have all the world under her feet if she wants.

Anyway… nobody is perfect!


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